Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The pressure builds....

Everyone is now extraordinarily busy with simultaneous rehearsals in different London venues – this week there have been Figaro rehearsals in Westminster and Grétry/Philidor rehearsals up the road in Marylebone.  The old hands are refreshing their memories from two years ago as they recreate Portugal’s Marriage of Figaro; our new singers are settling into the lively characters of the French double-bill.   It’s been especially gratifying to hear Philidor’s Blaise le savetier (which is unrecorded) for the first time, with its wonderfully characterised and energetic ensembles.  Emails and texts are flying everywhere, dealing with theatre get-in times, props, paints, colours and costumes.  In the photo, Bampton scenic builder Mike Wareham enjoys part of the wardrobe he's constructing for the double-bill.  Last minute revisions have been made to our programme booklet, now sent to the printers.  Last week we gave a couple of press interviews, and tomorrow is our live appearance on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune, at about 4.35pm.  Barely time to sleep, it seems….

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